REMA Battery connectors

In our offer you will find plug and socket for traction batteries. We offer the following types of REMA connectors for batteries: DIN, Flat, explosion-proof DX.
Characteristic features of REMA DIN battery connectors:

  • acid resistant fiberglass casing,
  • silver-plated copper contacts for protection against patina,
  • meet the requirements of DIN43589, EN1175-1, IEC20989 and UL1977 standards,
  • certified with UL1977, CE1977 and comply with requirements of Directive 2006/42/EC,
  • available in four types dependent on the intensity of the input current, i.e.: 80A, 160A, 320A and 640A,
  • connectors are encoded using special terminals (PIN-code) by the user, thereby preventing mistaken connection to a different value than required.

Characteristic features of REMA FLAT (SR, SRE) battery connectors:

  •  acid resistant fiberglass casing,
  •  silver-plated copper contacts for protection against patina,
  •  meet the requirements of EN1175-1 and UL1977 standards,
  •  certified with UL1977, CE1977 and conform to the requirements of Directive 2006/42/EC,
  •  available in the following types: SR50, SR175, SR350, SRE160, SRE320, SRX175, SRX350 and MC;
  •  come in different colors, each is responsible for encoding different voltage;

Characteristic features of explosion-proof DX battery connectors:

  • the highest standards of safety,
  • used in hazardous environments where a sparks can lead to ignition,
  • Directive 94/9/EC and ATEX E 228 U standard,
  • constructed in accordance with the following standards: EN 50014: 1997 + A1 - A2; EN50018:2000; EN50019:2000.

Connectors for REMA batteries are equipped with a simple casing, making them easy to use. A number of accessories are available, such as battery aeration systems, auxiliary contacts, pilot contacts and fixtures.
Note! In our offer you will also find complete connectors (ready for installation in the batteries, a rectifier or any other device) with pressed or hermetically welded joints.

For prices and availability of the products, please contact our branch in Chwaszczyno (Gdańsk).
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