About us

Inicjatywa Północno-Zachodnia "PW" Spółka z.o.o. , a limited liability has been operating under Notarial Deed registered in the register A number 7903/90 since 13 December 1990. Our headquarters is located in Kołbaskowo located about 10 km from Szczecin towards the border crossing of Kołbaskowo, Rosówek. We also have two branches in Chwaszczyno near Gdańsk and Olsztyn.

We specialize in rental, service and sales of forklift trucks. Our product range includes both brand new and used truck which have undergone a thorough inspection and possible repairs made by our service personnel.

We are an authorized representative of the company HELI forklifts and REMA connectors.

We provide a broad range of technical transportation services. We are authorized by the Office of Technical Inspection.

We strive to make every customer satisfied with our services, therefore our aim is to always keep the level of services at the highest possible level.